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Rereleased Now!

I am pleased to announce the rerelease of my novel, Monster, to be published through Gabriels Horn Press. Monster will be available in ebook on Amazon (for sale or through Kindle Unlimited) and trade paperback formats available online. Below is the new cover art. I have also included a tiny excerpt and synopsis. I hope this will give you enough of a taste to want more–an appetizer into the worlds of horror I create.

I am also working on getting all my titles rerelease through Gabriel’s Horn Press. Current plans are to get one out once a month. All with new covers and a title change to Messiah. I will update this site as information becomes available. Stay tuned. Next up: Deadly Friend.


     There was another shot and Richard began to shout from the hall.  “Something’s here!  Something’s here!”
   Adam grabbed his own gun and, along with Carol, rushed out into the corridor where Richard stood holding his revolver with shaking hands. The tip of the gun wavered back and forth as he tried to take aim. The four bullet holes were easy to spot in the wall. Unless the wall was his intended target, the man had missed clean.
    Manning  had beat the couple into the hall and Margaret was just now coming from her room. No one seemed to notice the sweat on the hair around Carol’s face, nor the few long strands of red hair on Adam’s chest.
  “Do you see it!” Richard yelled.  Before Manning or anyone else could answer, the frightened man shot off another round, hitting a nearby door. The thunderous blast made Carol jump
she screamed. Manning bolted forward and wrestled the gun away from Richard.
     “No,” Richard shouted, “we have to shoot it.”
     “What?” Manning said. “Shoot what?”
     “It was… It was black… I heard a noise. I came out of my room. That door, that door.” The man fell against the wall and slid to the floor.
    “What about the door?” Adam asked, trying to keep the tension out of his voice. “Richard, what about the door?”
     “It was shaking…rattling
banging…like someone was fighting to get out.” Richard had to stop briefly to catch his breath. “It rocked back and forth in its frame.”
     “That accounts for the loud crashes,” Adam said.
     “You heard them too?” Manning asked.
     “Yeah.” Adam glanced over at Carol. “I heard them too.”
     “How about you Miss Cham…Carol? Did you hear any noise?”
     “Yes, I think so.”
     “Count me out,” Margaret said. “I can sleep through a thunder storm.” She shrugged. “And I have.”
     “So what came out?” Carol asked.
     “What?” Richard said. “Came out?”
   “Out of the room,” Manning added. “You said someone or something opened the door and came from the room.”
     “No,” Richard told them. “No, I didn’t say that. It didn’t open the door. It didn’t have to.”

Adam Hayes pilots a small team to a remote Antarctic research station. Their mission is to investigate the loss of communications. Once there, the group of five find the station deserted, the radio smashed, and several strange piles of empty clothing. Forced to stay the night by a blinding snowstorm, they set out to solve the mystery of the missing crew. Eventually they learn the horrifying truth–that the station is not empty after all–that something unimaginable, dug up from the deep ice, roams the complex. And now they must fight for their lives against a cunning, thinking Monster and those who would capture the creature for their own evil experiments.

Dr. Edward Hamline runs a clinic for terminally ill orphans. Over many years he has secretly experimented on the children using materials retrieved from Antarctica. He hopes to exploit the astounding healing properties while eliminating the fatal side effects. Unfortunately, without the correct DNA match, he has achieved only minimal results, which always turns to failure. He arranges to have Brandon Dahl, a boy whose past may lead to success, moved to his clinic. But others know of Dr. Hamline’s evil experiments and want to stop him and save Brandon and the other children. All the while, a monster is on the loose.

© Keith Ferrario 20142018