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Rereleased Now!

I am pleased to announce the rerelease of my novel, Deadly Friend, to be published through Gabriel’s Horn Press. Deadly Friend will be available in ebook on Amazon (for sale or through Kindle Unlimited) and trade paperback formats available online. Below is the new cover art. I have also included a tiny excerpt and synopsis. I hope this will give you enough of a taste to want more–an appetizer into the worlds of horror I create.

I am also working on getting all my titles rerelease through Gabriel’s Horn Press. Current plans are to get one out every few months. All with new covers and a title change to Messiah. I will update this site as information becomes available. Stay tuned. Next up: Dark Carnival.

Deadly Friend Cover

   Amanda took another bite from her burger, which she decided could use a little more mustard. After she rummaged around in the white paper bag for the small yellow packets she had dropped in, she was startled to find a small boy glaring at her.
    “Hi,” she said, swallowing her mouth-ful of food. “What’s your name?”
   Although the little boy stood silently  in front of her, Amanda recognized his face after a moment.
    “I saw you,” the boy said.  “I saw you talking to him.”
     “I didn’t…I—”
     “My brother. You’re the one who talk-ed to my brother. I saw you.”
     “Georgie, I’m a friend of your brother Alex.”
     “No, you’re not. You want to stop me.  Well, I won’t let you.”
    “No, I want to help you.” Amanda’s heart pounded with fear and excitement.
    “You’re a big liar. You want me to be alone again.  I hate being alone.”
    Amanda glanced around, expecting to see people staring at her arguing with a small child. To her surprise, no one even seemed to notice.
    “No one can see me,” Georgie said. “No one, but you. You want to stop me, I know, but you can’t stop me.”
   Georgie reached out, and his wispy hand passed into Amanda’s arm. The coldness felt as if it were burning her. It paralyzed her, and she was powerless to fight as Georgie disappeared.
     “You can’t stop me,” Georgie said, his voice coming from Amanda’s mouth. “Now, we will play a game.”
     “No!” Amanda’s voice strained to come out.
     “You’re not supposed to talk back.”
   “I won’t let you do this, Georgie,” Amanda said, her  voice  becoming   stronger.
   “How can you be here with me?” Georgie cried out.  “I’m here. You go  away.”
   “No, Georgie. I will not go away,” Amanda said, forcing back Georgie’s influence. “You can’t control me like the others. I’m stronger. I understand my abilities.”
     “I can! I can make you go away!” The words shouted from Amanda’s mouth. “You can’t stop me! I don’t want to be alone again! I’ll hurt anyone who tries to make me be alone!”
     The strain on Amanda’s mind and body increased. Her body began to shake. Even as she fell to the ground and blacked out she said, “I won’t let you!”

Little Georgie was all by himself for such a long time, and he didn't have a soul to play with.  After all, it’s hard to make friends when you’re dead.  This minor inconvenience, however, didn’t stop him from invading the realm of the living—or from looking for playmates.

One day Georgie met Bobby, and Bobby didn't mind that Georgie was a little different. Some call Georgie “imaginary”, but to Bobby, Georgie is just as real as anyone—his brother, mother, you, me.

Happy at last, Georgie would do anything not to lose Bobby—and anyone who tried to take his new friend away would have hell to pay.

Then some bullies killed Bobby.  Poor little Georgie, alone again, sad, and angry, more deadly than any living creature.  He’s found new games to play—games filled with blood and terror.  Pray he doesn’t want to play with you.

© Keith Ferrario 20142018