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I was born and grew up in Duluth, Minnesota where I received my BA Degree in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota, Duluth. It was also during that time that I received my black belt in Tae Kwon Do from the Karate North schools. The ironic thing was, in college I avoided writing classes like the plague and took only the two classes that were required. After college, I moved down to the Twin Cities of Minnesota and began my career as a software engineer. Currently, I'm working on the  Microprocessor En-Route Automated Radar Tracking System (Micro-EARTS)–the software the FAA uses to track airplanes in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

Though the spark of writing began at a very young age, it was never fanned until I got my first Macintosh computer and learned the joys of the word processor with its spelling and grammar checkers. Thank God for technology.

My greatest influence in writing comes from the old black-and-white monster movies. They had no great special effects as exist today and had to have a good story line. Though many may find those old movies a bit campy, I still enjoy them to this day.


My method of writing might seem a little complicated. I like to have two manuscripts going at once. I work on a first draft, when finished I put it away and begin another. After that draft is finished, I return to the first. When that draft becomes a completed and polished novel, I start on yet another story. After that newest draft is finished, I return to my previous work for completion. I repeat this cycle always having two drafts in different stages of development. That way I will have at least six months between the drafts for any one particular story. This helps me keep a fresh perspective on my plots. And to keep my writing fresh and interesting for myself and those who read my work, I do not focus on one type of horror. Where some write only vampire tales or slasher stories, I like to keep my novels different and unique from each other.

The community of Horror and Dark Fantasy writers is extensive and consists of many talented people. I'm always amazed by the number of books, stories, and poems produced, each filled with variety and depth of story. Being an Active member of the Horror Writers Association, I look forward to the Bram Stoker Awards each year. I feel honored to be able to vote for the best works. (If you would like more information on the HWA, I have placed a link on my Links page. New members are always welcome.)

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