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Review of The Pendle Curse by Catherine Cavendish


Publication Date: February 3, 2015


Four hundred years ago, ten convicted witches were hanged on Gallows Hill. Now they are back…for vengeance.

Laura Phillips’s grief at her husband’s sudden death shows no sign of passing. Even sleep brings her no peace. She experiences vivid, disturbing dreams of a dark, brooding hill, and a man—somehow out of time—who seems to know her. She discovers that the place she has dreamed about exists. Pendle Hill. And she knows she must go there.

But as soon as she arrives, the dream becomes a nightmare. She is caught up in a web of witchcraft and evil…and a curse that will not die.


Laura Phillips seeks an escape from her grief-stricken life and goes looking to explore a mystery in the village of Pendle Hill, a mystery right out of her dreams. She’s fascinated by the local history of the Pendle witches, but when the lines between the past and present begin to blur, she finds herself caught up in terror and revenge.

The Pendle Curse by Catherine Cavendish is a great example of really fine, well crafted story telling. This novel is suspenseful, clever and gripping. The mystery constantly builds throughout the telling of this taleit will have you asking: Who are these people? What do they want? I like stories that send you back in time and The Pendle Curse did just that. The descriptions and details of the past were perfect—they put you right in the thick of things. And the characters, throughout the novel, were strong and believable. What they did, how they acted, the things they said—not once did I doubt the characters or lose faith in the world Catherine created.  It felt real and propelled me forward through the story. I truly enjoyed this book.  

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars.

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