Audio Realms release of Monster is July 2015


The above image is for the Audio Realms ad to be placed in the June 2015 issue of Publisher's Weekly (inside front). I never thought I would see one of my books advertised in such a prestigious magazine as Publisher’s Weekly. Another tip of the hat to my publisher: Samhain Publishing. Of course, this isn’t the first magazine I’ve seen Monster displayed—others include: HorrorHound and Famous Monsters Magazine—both top publications in the horror genre.


But the point of this post is not to show off the great ad for Audio Realms. It is to announce that Monster will be released as an audiobook in July 2015. I have expanded my little corner of the ad to help highlight the month. When the audiobook becomes available for purchase I will add links to the Monster Books page. I havent heard it yet myself and I dont know who was used for the voice over (too bad Boris Karloff is dead), so thats something we will have to find out together.

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